February 9, 2009

Snuggie/Slanket epidemic!

AHHH!!! Run for your QVC-lovin' lives!! There is a huge epidemic at the moment that I think can only be remedied with a good dose of a snuggle with my mom's handmade crocheted blanket: the Snuggie, aka Slanket, epidemic!!

Apparently I didn't take the cheesy commercials serious enough; I mean, how many of us have laughed at the Shamwow or Rotato claims of being "the best product ever"? I think I may have even chuckled after hearing my sister quip about her temptation to buy one for herself. *GASP*

However, over the last week or so I have read three - count with me 1, 2, 3 - blog posts about this crazy blanket that's supposedly great for couch-lounging or staying warm while reading a book.

Melissa at Living Proof Ministries
Melanie at Big Mama blog (two posts, bless her heart!)

Be afraid, be very afraid of this epidemic! Before you know it, you'll be dialing that toll free number to claim your own and mothers around the world will weep at the neglect of their coveted crocheted blankets or high school/college t-shirt collage quilts.

Consider yourself warned!!

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