January 29, 2009

Facebook friends: BK "unfriending"

My co-worker and Facebook friend, Jordan, sent me a link to an interesting article in the Times.

While I hurmphed and giggled my way through the funny (and true!) stabs at Facebook, I was struck with such a happy realization: not one of you, dear Facebook Friends, "unfriended" me for a Whopper. My lil heart was warmed with this thought.

I'd rather not consider the 10,000 other reasons why you refused to trade the sanctity of our Facebook friendship for a Burger King Whopper (all 760 calories and 47 grams of fat of it). Like the fact that you are a vegetarian. Or that you didn't hear about BK's promotion. Or that you were too busy describing "the virulence of [your] bronchitis". Maybe you were uploading the pictures of your recent ski trip or changing your relationship status back to single (if the latter, I'm so sorry to hear it).....I digress.

Instead, I choose to continue in blissful naivety and believe that you enjoy my random status updates just as much as I enjoy yours.

Here's to our continued virtual friendship!

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