March 20, 2008

Hello Spring!

I cannot thank God enough for your arrival! Though I won't be fooled that the cold weather is gone for now, I know that your sweet and warm winds are just around the corner :)

I love you, Spring, because you give me rainbows, warm rain showers, blooming flowers of every kind. You make the grass bright green (how did you know that is my favorite color?!)

Spring, my friend - you never fail to rush in with the bees and butterflies, wild flowers and chirpy birds. Though I must keep my Clarinex near during your triumphant arrival this time of year, I always make time to bask in the sunlight that warms my face. I actually enjoy mowing the lawn back home because of you!

We may need to discuss your brevity because as we both realize, you are not here for very long. You rush in all at once but then seem to disappear into the abyss as I'm left here with 100 degree weather and dry, scorched grass and weeds. I won't hold this against you, Spring, because I know that you'll come back again. You remind me that our Maker's mercy is new every morning; how could I be grateful for you or mercy if there were no times when I am in need?

Little did you know that you bring so much joy to this ragamuffin.....

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