March 28, 2008


I really enjoyed reading this article because I can identify with the writer's eye-opening experience. I try my best to use my imagination, like this writer, to experience things I read in the Bible. Never once have I thought about myself truly in the disciples' shoes in Gethsemane that somber night.

Now, sure - I've judged them for their inability to simply stay awake when Christ asked them to pray for him. I say "simply" by assuming that fighting exhaustion is an easy task. I pity their lack of resolve to stay awake. I've told myself and puffed up my ego by imagining that I would have stayed awake and prayed for the One whom we call Messiah. If the Son asked it of me, of course I would obey.

Craziness really; I have a hard time keeping my eyes open at work after a sleepless night sometimes.

Now I'm forced to imagine times when I've experienced heavy fatigue. I can think of a time after a day-long concert in the summer sun. I also recall staying awake for about 36 hours straight when prepping for a vacation. It's like those times when you are so tired that the bad attitude sets in and your ability to fight emotion is wrecked.

That's how, that state of mind, I should truly represent myself when trying to imagine being in the garden with Jesus that night. And, I have to ask some hard questions here.... how likely am I, in this mind frame, to obey and pray without ceasing for Him who was in extreme turmoil? Would I react with obedience and faithfulness? Would I be able to stay awake? Would I even fight to stay awake or would I shrug off this man's plea for me to enter into suffering with Him?

I can't say that I would be willing to battle fatigue in those moments. Knowing me, I would react like Peter and slice someone's ear off.

God help us that we let our flesh determine our faith and obedience.

Hope it gets you thinking as well....


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