January 15, 2008

L-O-N-G day at work

I arrived at work at 9am and for what seemed like two days, I checked emails, answered my phone, paid bills, started new projects, etc etc etc. It felt like the day just dragged on.

I also had to write information about myself for my annual review. Yah - it wasn't the most exciting process. How do you write positive things about yourself without appearing conceited or self-righteous? Hopefully my few points will work wonders and yes, let's pray, that I get a raise! I don't need more money per se, but it would be nice to have a more substantial cushion, as well as few more dollars to pay off my debt sooner. I'm still counting down the days for a new-to-me car! I'm thinking about a Honda Accord or a Pontiac Vibe. Either way, I'm sure I'll love whatever the Lord puts in my path :)

Some other things going on: my grandmother (Dad's mom) recently had a surgery. She had to get the 'okay' from a cardiologist before the surgery. The cardiologist said that she has a 7 cm aneurysm on her heart - inoperable they say. If you think about it, please pray for her and our family. I can say that she has lived a long and fruitful 86 years. My grandma is the matriarch and it is very difficult to imagine what life will be like without her.

The Cuz (Amy) and I are going to the House of Blues next Tuesday to see Eric Hutchinson. He was originally playing with OneRepublic (it's too late to apologize, it's tooooooo laaaaaaate) but some changes were made to the band's tour schedule and now he's playing with some other people that I've never heard of. Guess what, though?! CHEAPER TICKETS!

I'm slowly learned that I'm a frugal old lady (the old lady part comes straight from the mouth of my co-worker, Art, who insists that I need to go out on the week day nights). Ha! Has he ever heard of beauty sleep?!

Finally, you may wonder what's with the multiple books in process? Hmmmm... good question. I love to read. Period. And though I can pick up a book and read it in days, I often get in over my head with what I want to read and start multiple books at one time. Bad idea - don't do it!! What's interesting, though, is that each book has its own setting in my life. I read Blue Like Jazz during my lunch breaks while at work; Barnes and Noble is just a stone's throw away, so I slip into one of their cozy chairs and sip on my steaming hot latte for one hour.

I soak up Create in Me a Pure Heart during the evenings or free time on the weekends when I'm trying my best to be introspective and understand my true nature. I do the MacArthur study with my home group and my sweet friend Karen let me borrow her Ragamuffin Gospel.

***In case you didn't notice (ha!), I'm trying my hand at more embedded links***

Anyhow, just thought I'd ramble some. Maybe tomorrow night I'll have some pics to show :)


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