January 17, 2008

Great night @ Venture 2.0

Happy Thursday!

Actually, my Thursday is no longer happy. I just received an email from the president of my company, eRewards, saying that tomorrow is an extended business casual wear day. BOO!!!!! I mostly wear laid-back clothing, nothing too fancy. I'm not a slouch; I can always dress up and get my hair did for a night out. However, I have had to build a new wardrobe working at my office. I never wore business casual before! Therefore, I look forward to jeans day on Fridays at my office and I don't mean I look forward to it when I get up that Friday morning. When I'm half way though my day on MONDAY, I'm thinking about jeans Friday.

So, my Thursday is not longer happy.

That is why I'm grateful that I had a nice time at Venture2 last night. It was the first time that I was there without my sweet home group buddies, but I liked it. Kim's friends were there, so I joined up with them for the prayer times. We joined together as a church to pray for other churches in our city, mainly for peace and unification among us all. At least, that's what I prayed the most for. It's always nice to meet up outside of the usual church service to petition Him for His grace and goodness in our lives.

I followed up Venture2 by swinging by Kim's new place (she painted her living room green - my favorite!) and we watched a few episodes of The Office. Amazing!

Anyhow, I'm at the workplace right now, getting my project management on... will update later tonight :)

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