January 14, 2008

Where to start?


Now that I think about it, I've attempted to start one of these things on blogger twice already. Hopefully the third time is a charm. I love to blog. Not that I particularly think that people care what meanderings I talk about on here, but I love to write and for now, this is my outlet.

So, who am I?


...a Believer in the one True God
...a Project Manager for a marketing research vendor
...always reading something
...a night owl and not a morning person
...loving 2008
...a member at The Village Church for almost 3 years (wow how time flies!)
...likely to never turn down a nice steaming latte

There's more of course but a girl can't reveal everything about herself to the world ;)

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll devote some real time to blogging on here. I have a myspace that I've been pretty good at updating and I think I'll just switch over to this since A LOT of people blog here.

Until next time,

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