March 26, 2010

You Likey the New Blog Look?

Blogger just bumped up their awesome factor in my opinion!

For those of us who are not HTML or graphic design friendly, it is ROUGH trying to figure out how to make your blog "your own". It took me hours to figure out how to create a banner for my last blog look - and even then, I ripped it off from someone else (no worries - I gave 'em credit!) and fiddled with it in sad-o Microsoft Photo Editor.

Anywho, I hope you like the new look. This Blogger Template Designer is still in development but if you're on blogger, like me, and you need help desperately, go check out this list of tips and have at it! This lovely work you see today only took me an hour.

Next up on my list of Learn-How-To-Do's: linking to Amazon on here and earning some cash-o-lah!

Peace & fleece,

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