March 30, 2010

An attempt at posting routinely again

So much has happened since I blogged for real that I'm now overwhelmed with how much I would have to say to get up-to-date. Instead, I'm just going to post some more bullets (you Type A's are already salivating) and hope that it'll catch us up in the meantime, Blogworld.

(And, in case you are pounding your desk, demanding the series on organic and natural foods that I promised two months ago,'re just going to have to wait!)

  • Did I tell y'all that one of my sisters, Jessica, is living with me? Since last Thanksgiving. Oh my, what an adventure! Iron sharpening iron is no joke, y'all! It's been awesome (and no, I'm not being sarcastic). Follow her on Twitter, she's a hoot.
  • My 3-year anniversary at my company, e-Rewards, is coming up! Yippee! April 16th (and NOT April 24th as the HR department will have you believe) marks three years...I can't believe how fast it's gone by.
  • I started and quit a Biblical Counseling class at my church. It was slated for 26 weeks and and I quit around week 10 - bullet #1 was a bit unexpected so my schedule is all wacky with being Jess's unofficial chaffeur. I don't mind though! There's a season for everything.
  • The Dallas Northway campus of The Village Church launched in September 2009 and I switched to it from the Highland Village campus at the same time. TVC is growing faster than we can add buildings and services, y'all! It's crazy! Like Matt says, "We love being ghetto." Bring on the cramped spaces and parking hassles if it means more of the Lord for his children!
  • My cousin, Amy, got engaged just before Christmas and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I am STOKED! Mostly because I've been praying for her a husband since we got close back in late 2007 (prayers answered are awesome!), but secretly, I'm also excited because I get to wear a green dress (click on 'Pistachio'). This girl could not be happier!
  • Beth Moore's Believing God study is kicking my butt and I'm only in week one. Pray for me!
  • I get to serve some ladies in just three weeks at a Christian retreat called North Texas Tres Dias. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, even if in just a small way for three days.
  • Beautiful flowers currently bedeck my patio at home - I planted some bright red geraniums, white bacopa (amazing trailing flower, by the way), yellow Gerbera daisies, violet pansies, dusty miller plants and some cute purple alyssum. Jess got a boston fern at Kroger for $10 and our patio jungle is now complete. My grandma's miniature pink rose bush is coming along beautifully too.
  • I signed up for eHarmony (ssshhhhh! Don't tell anyone!) and am sorely disappointed thus far. Whether that's the result of a pride issue or just the circumstances, I have yet to determine. Maybe it's both. Maybe it's just my disproportionate expectations. Who knows (yet)! After watching Becoming Jane on Saturday and crying my eyes out, I'm convinced I'll be single for life like Jane Austen, determined to "live by the pen" (or in my case, the computer keyboard).
  • I've felt rather melodramatic lately. Is it obvious? If not, please read previous bullet.
  • I'm ready for the summer season to come but I'm enjoying the 70-degree weather just fine too.
  • Houston, instead of Hot Springs, may be our girls' trip destination this summer. I'm rather excited and am on the hunt for fun things to do! Give me a shout in the comments if you have any tips.
  • The BFFie and I are going to the theater to see Remember Me tomorrow night. I swore I would not see this movie after seeing the trailer because it looks like just another romance and I don't think I can take it after Saturday's debacle with Becoming Jane. But - I've heard the film's not what it seems, so I'm taking a risk. If the people who convinced me to see this film are wrong, there will be payback from me in the form of salty wet tissues afterwards. I know it's gross; and they'll deserve it.
I think that's enough for now; I stayed at the office later than I needed to just to make sure I got this out for you, Blogworld. See? I'm trying to make a comeback!

Peace & peas,

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