December 23, 2008

Pre-Christmas Jolly

It's here!! My holiday cheer is finally here!!!

You guys know what I'm talking about. There are several different types of people around holiday times - enthusiasts, traditionalists, complacents, Debbie-downers, etc. I would call myself a humbug this year up to until about 24 hours ago. Though I am celebrating in my own special way the birth of Jesus - the true reason behind Christmas - I am outwardly just not very excited for the holidays. Thanksgiving is fun, sure. But I think I've been burned out on Christmas for a few years now. America makes it too much of a consumer holiday - which is ironic if you think about it - I work in the research sector that studies consumers among many other things. So, shouldn't I be celebrating this consumeristic holiday? Indirectly, it pays my bills.

I digress.

Since I was about 17 years old, Christmas has meant sad times for me. I won't go into details for both the sake of time (you know we're all rushing around these days) and for the sake of escaping those memories. It's just a sad 2-3 months for me. I'm not blaming it on the weather like a lot of psychologists will. I really enjoy glummy weather when 99.9% of the year in Texas is boiling hot. I'll take the damp, cool and cloudy days when I can get them.

However, as of yesterday when the decorations were hung in my cubicle (see pic below), my holiday cheer has arrived! My team at work had what I'm calling a Holiday Gift Extravaganza!! We had potluck foods and exchanged creative/funny gifts with our Secret Santas. It was a blast! I included a few pics of the fun below. The HGE spurred me on even more and I'm excited to go home to finish up my present wrapping.

So, I am hoping if you've been a humbug like me for the last 2 months that something fun will shock you out of Debbie-downer mode and wake up your holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas Blogworld!

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