December 4, 2008

20 books to read in your 20's

Hey friends!

I happened upon this really interesting list by Justin Buzzard at Buzzard Blog. It combines three things that I enjoy and love VERY much: lists, books, and Jesus!

Check it out! And don't be discouraged if you are no longer in your twenties (or have yet to reach them, for that matter). I am sure that these books are quite valuable when read at any age!

Peace & chicken grease,

(HT: B2W)


TheHappyNeills said...

I left a comment in response to yours on 22 Words...about Kansas. Curious where your dad's from!

TheHappyNeills said...

oh that's ok...i had just left it. my hometown is only a thousand people... my parents lived in pratt for 5 years, now in wichita, but my mom still works there!