October 14, 2008

Blogging about nonsense

Hey Blogworld!

I was just thinking about how happy I am that it's raining. It is 2:11pm on a weekday, the clouds are out. I'm sitting in my living room with the window blinds open, no artificial light in the room, and I'm listening to the sweet tickle of rain drops on the trees outside. Oops, the rain just picked up so now it sounds a little more like a rain faucet, but who cares ;)

I want to make a quick little list of things that make me happy, much like the mid-afternoon gloomy day rain that's happening at this very moment.

1. Turning all the lights out in my apartment except my little lamp next to the bed; then, slipping under the silky, cold covers to read until I doze off (usually only takes a few pages!)

2. Laughing hysterically with my sisters.

3. Snuggling with my furry kitty Lucy in the morning in bed before I head to the shower.

4. Dinner & margaritas or wine at home with "the girls".

5. The transition from Summer to Autumn in North Texas. There is nothing like ending the day with a cool breeze during dusk.

6. Kissing bald babies. My cousin's 3-month-old was irresistible this past weekend in Kansas.

7. Staying up late with my extended family, hearing the same old stories of my aunts/uncles/dad's childhood memories and yet still finding them hilarious.

8. When I'm at work and the office gets a little dark because of bad weather or it's really just that late in the evening.

9. Singing quietly (or not at all), listening to the men and women of faith singing during the music time in church. Let this place echo your worth (You are worthy), let this place echo your worth.

10. Singing at the top of my lungs with the men and women of faith at church. It's a new day; everything will change, things will never be the same. We will never be the same, we will never be the same!

11. Words. Being more specific: words that describe His infinite mystery, love, mercy. I particularly enjoy songs that admit our words are not enough to explain Him (So High by various artists like Jeff Johnson). Or, songs that basically proclaim back to God who He is. Pretty awesome.

12. The little things that point to His sovereign hand over me.

13. Ice cold water on a hot day.

14. That feeling I get when I've accomplished something significant, like a really long book or a huge load of laundry.

15. Smiling.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive but it'll give you a little insight into my random mind :)

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