October 16, 2008

Austin, here I come!

I just had to blog really quickly and let you know how EXCITED I am to be in Austin this weekend. My best friend Karen and I are leaving tonight to stay with her parents while we attend the Desiring God conference at Hill Country Baptist Church.

The conference is centered around the story of Job; I anticipate a lot of thought-provoking moments. I watched a video on youtube (sorry, I'm at work and can't provide the hyperlink) that shows some illustrations from Piper's book, Job. It's a guess but I'm thinking the conference will be tied to this book; I'm interested to find out what God has in store.

I'll try to blog about the conference when I get back.

1 comment:

Nina said...

I heart Austin. If you get hungry, go find a Magnolia's Cafe. You will not be disappointed (nor will it break the bank!) Have fun!