September 15, 2008

Season opener (Sept 7th), Win 28-10

I know that I'm late on this but I decided I was going to do my best to keep up with the games on my blog. If you don't care about the Cowboys, then my tardiness shouldn't bother you a bit :)

I watched the season opener with some girlfriends. We actually TIVO'ed it and watched it after our home group meeting. The Cowboys rocked the stadium!

Tony Romo did a great job. I didn't have much sympathy for his scuffed chin until the following day when I found out he needed 13 stitches. Do you have any idea how big an injury is to deserve 13 stitches? I took back my "what a nancy boy" comment and decided he had a right to wince at the pain.

My Cowboy fav, Marion Barber, didn't have major game time (he received 3 times and rushed for 80 yards) but he pulled through like he does 99% of the time. This guy is fierce! WATCH OUT! This is just wild speculation/fairy tale on my part, but I think it has something to do with the modern day Samson 'do. Everytime I see his dreads hanging out the back of his helmet, I flash back to Samson. Laugh at me all you want. Let's just hope Marion isn't as naive about the ladies :)

All that to say, we left the Browns whimpering and begging for mercy in our first NFL game of the season. We weren't completely merciless - they got some points on their side - but the 'Boys definitely held their own.

Tonight's game starts at 1930 hours. The 'Boys are playing the Eagles. It should be an exciting game, though I don't know if they will be able to stop our receivers. Be there or be square!!

UPDATE: The 'Boys did not disappoint (in the end, anyway)!

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