July 30, 2008

Putting to death my selfish desires (and my B-A-D spending habits)

I could almost completely justify my purchase of this very special Book. I mean, it is a long-awaited version of the best selling Book in history. It has study notes that rival all other versions. Many people that I respect openly express excitement for its arrival.

And yet, I hear the HS say, "You said you were going to use that money for savings. Do you really want to be out of financial slavery?"

Yuck. I don't always like it when I have to be a responsible adult. I actually have to use my money to pay bills, buy groceries, support myself - all by myself - while putting aside my own desire to buy a very fancy Book.

Did I mention that I already have 5 versions of the same Book? And I'm honestly very attached to my current version that I paid $65 for just a few short years ago.

So, do I really need it? No. Do I still want it? Yes and no. I am confident that the notes, exegesis, cross references, etc will be stunning; more than what I have available to me now. However, I cannot humbly justify spending $65 for this Book when I already have 5 in my possession. I need to build my savings back up and be debt-free! I have a responsibility to my church as we continue to "give until it hurts" for our new building. There's also this dryness that builds up inside of me when my focus is on possessions. This new Book is the Bible, so there has to be some inherent good in having the new version (right?!). But the bad (the envy, the pride of owning it, the exhilaration of getting something new, etc) is far heavier in my mind and heart right now.

I will say, though, that even at my humblest moment, I would not decline such an awesome GIFT if it came my way for - oh, I don't know - my impending birthday!

*wink, wink*

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