July 23, 2008

Lord, please grow it in me....

10 months later and this story still brings me to tears. There is a sweetness in the tears, though, because of the amazing journey I've watched from a distance. And I don't feel like a blog stalker at all; Molly puts those thoughts to rest here.

My prayer is that I can have a faith, even a portion of, like that of Molly and Abraham. Seeing the way this family clings together makes my heart hurt for the same thing for myself some day.
It also makes sin and the fall real to me. I can't help but think about what my future could hold sometimes, and I can only pray

Lord, please grow it in me, this faith that is not easily shaken. That I might not turn to self when painful events happen, but rather, my mind and my heart and my emotions turn first to you in my weakness. I don't want your refining fire to be in vain, so help me treasure you more than myself.

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