April 7, 2008

Because I'm bored

What I was doing 10 years ago - Spring of 1998

1. Doing those last few things you do when you're still a kid in junior high: exams, field trips, dramatically ending a friendship with my best friend over a stupid, icky boy.
2. Getting ready for high school!
3. Spending lots of time in "teen angst"!
4. Watching one of the very best teenager shows EVER: Dawson's Creek.
5. Learning really quick the value of a dollar as I BEG for any chance to earn some cold, hard cash.

Five things on my to-do list today

1. Check on each project before shutting down my laptop.
2. Sit in evening traffic for 40 minutes while listening to the lullaby that is "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room".
3. Do some laundry (does it ever end?!?).
4. Decide whether it's too early to head back to the gym. Then decide to stay at home anyway.
5. Watch some boob tube, read my book, eat some dinner, spend some time in meditation and quiet.

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Apples & organic crunchy peanut butter.
2. Cartoon fruit snacks.
3. Veggie chips.
4. Frozen yogurt.
5. Venti, non-fat iced toffee nut latte (does this count as a snack?).

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire

1. Tithe well.
2. Buy my parents, my sisters and myself EACH a house. I think 20+ years has been long enough in one house!
3. Pay off all debt, contribute to savings as much as a I can, and invest well.
4. Travel A LOT. There are so many places I am curious about and would love to visit. Might even move to a few places for extended amounts of time and come home to Texas in the middle of each adventure. Oh! And take a couple of awesome "girl" trips with my friends.
5. Give a lot of $ away to missionaries, organizations that are doing the work that I wish I could be doing right now.

Five of my bad habits

1. Staying up too late while doing nothing, then getting a second wind at 1am and trying to accomplish chores.
2. No motivation to get to the gym!
3. Interrupting people and/or talking too much - I'm working on this one!
4. Rationalizing everything.
5. Missing my phone when it rings.

Five places I have lived

1. Oak Cliff (south Dallas), Tx
2. Denton, TX - the best place!
3. Lewisville, TX
4. TWU campus (still Denton)
5. Dallas, TX

Five jobs I’ve had

1. Grocery bagger & cashier
2. Nanny
3. Hair salon associate
4. Market research intern
5. Project Manager at e-Rewards

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