January 22, 2010

Food post coming soon!

I don't want to say too much now or I won't have anything left to say when I actually sit down to gather my thoughts (Did that make sense? Probably not...it's 5pm on Friday and my brain is fried).

Since April-ish (maybe May), I've spent a lot of energy, time, money, etc on learning about our American food industry: it's pros, it's cons, the nation's health concerns, what our options are, on and on. I don't profess to be an expert by any means but at the same time, I've taken a lot of knowledge from three movies you may have heard of: Food, Inc., King Corn and The Future of Food. (If you follow me on Twitter, no doubt you've heard one or all of these names before).

Anywho, Carolyn McCulley is in the midst of a series on her blog, Radical Womanhood, regarding the same issues and now I'm inspired to share what I know as well! No worries, though: I'll try not to duplicate her work but rather point to local (North Texas) resources and my own experience thus far.

I hope you'll swing by here when I get started; I'm trying to get started very soon!

For now, check out these clips or watch the full length version of The Future of Food on Hulu.

Peace & no chicken grease,

*Edit: sorry! I'm a doofus and jumped ahead too quickly! Links and clips have been added :-)


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