August 16, 2009


Please forgive me in advance if this is a bit scrambled or rambling.

I just came upon a picture post of a blog I have read for nearly a year now. The blog has been around for several years; a young mother of four speaks with witty insights and sweet memories of her children and amazing husband. Exactly one year ago Saturday, she and her husband were in a horrible plane accident while on a small weekend getaway. I think there were three or four people on the flight; she and her husband survived. He emerged from the wreckage badly burned but expecting her to already be out. When he realized she was still in the plane, he went back and pulled her out, causing even more severe burns to himself than he had already received. She was badly burned on almost every surface of her body.

I share all of this to tell you that I am so very humbled and inspired by her journey. Over the last year I have read on as despair tried so fervently to take her over. Little children don't always understand these tragedies and her kiddos and husband are her crowning glory. They both have spent months in rehabilitation and surgeries; though at some times I am sure she would say her hope was not strong, I have seen remarkable faith on her part in the healing process. She has a beautiful family; it has been a privilege to pray for her and see her taking steps daily towards her new "normal".

In memoriam of the accident and the live(s) that was/were lost, she and her husband (and many others, I am sure) hiked the mountain where the accident took place. Today, also, she posted the very first picture of herself since the accident. She is radiant. No wretched despair can hold her back; the joy and love in her shines through her eyes and her smile. I sat speechless at the confidence at which she lives. I am truly humbled and reminded of what I should be grateful for; the meaningless, trivial things that will fall away should be left behind now.

Will you take a moment and just reflect on your concerns/worries? What are they? Who do they affect? What happened that made these things so heavy on your mind and heart? Are they worth all the obesessing and anxiety? Where do your hope and joy lie?

I promise that I will be thinking on these things tonight and this evening with you. Tears spill over easily already just running through the silly things I allow to rule my thoughts. Lord forgive me and help me.

*If you'd like to know the blog name, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. I don't want to broadcast her blog or pictures here out of respect for her and her family.

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