November 26, 2008

News from India

Hello Blogworld,

I spent a few minutes thinking today about what I am grateful for in this life. I had a cheesy twist on the obligatory "I'm thankful for...." list prepared. I worked on my wittiness and attempted to come up with dry and humorous lines.

I was then struck by news that some terrorists in the large city of Mumbai, India attacked at least 7 different places. They ran into luxury hotels, hospitals, restaurants and started shooting people. At the present time, it is just after 4am in India with nearly 80 people dead and over 200 injured. The attackers are now holed up in at least two hotels with a number of hostages, some reports say upwards of 4 dozen at this time. The shooting, grenades, bombs, fires are still taking place at this very moment.

So, as my supervisor sits on pins and needles, hoping desperately that none of her friends and family were in the area when the attacks started nearly 6 hours ago, how can I be cheery and say "Have a happy Thanksgiving"?

I don't. I refuse to pretend and I now ask the Lord to open my eyes, break my heart for the people who are and will be affected by this atrocity. Instead of simply fleeting away from the office tonight to my smorgasborg of food tomorrow, I go to my supervisor, my friend, and tell her that I'm sorry. I tell her that I am hoping and praying that her family and friends are not hurt, though I know these remarks will not heal the wound that is left when your home country is attacked in such a vicious way.

The media is saying the attacks were targeted mainly towards foreigners of British and American descent. They purposely asked to see passports to decide who would die and would could live. I'm speechless and I wonder out loud "Why?" Even the chief over the anti-terrorism department in India was murdered.

Please be in prayer for the people of India, for the government, for the families and friends of those who have been killed or injured. Pray that God, in is infinite mercy, would stop the terrorists from killing anyone else and that the government would be able to take control NOW. Also pray that justice will be served towards those who planned and/or partook in this sad day.

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