September 25, 2008

Yay! I know my ABCs

A- Attached or Single? Single :)
B- Best Friend(s): Karen, Jessica, Kim and many others
C- Cake or Pie: I like cake but I REALLY like PIE! Cherry pie, please!
D- Drink of Choice: Water, Diet DP or a non-fat Misto with 2 pumps of toffee nut syrup
E- Essential Item: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo..... it will change your hair-washing experience!
F- Favorite Color: Green, rich purple, anything with damask or paisley really (like this, this, this and this)
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: neither! yuck - gelatin = animal ligaments
H- Hometown: The Big D!
I- Indulgence: television and it's pretty sad; slowly but surely I'm dealing with the idea of dropping my digital cable :-(
J- January or February: February
K- Kids: Love 'em like crazy
L- Life, for me, is incomplete without: Him
M- Marriage Date: I liked Suzanne's response - "Yes, please."
N- Number of Siblings: 2 younger sisters
O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges for sure
P- Phobia/Fears: I don't like cramped, loud spaces AT ALL
Q- Favorite Quote: "There is no pit that He is not deeper still."
R- Reasons to smile: Funny co-workers, what the world calls "coincidences", my sisters, great times with friends, simply to be congenial
S- Season: Fall is definitely my favorite season even though my allergies are absolutely the worst during this season
T- Tag Ten: HAHAHAHAHA! The only person I could honestly tag is Suzanne but she tagged me! Not enough people realized the awesomeness that is blogging..... darned facebook!
U- Unknown fact about me: I am double-jointed.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Biased, are we, questionnaire-writer?! I'm going to say I'm a vegetarian who enjoys some chicken, and fish, and an occasional steak. Oh yah! And once in awhile I'll have a turkey burger, and I can't leave out the greatness that is Grandma's spaghetti and meatballs. Oh and.........
W- Worst Habit: Chewing the inside of my mouth when I'm nervous or stressed; also, clinching my jaw.
X- X-rays or Ultrasounds: Can I choose neither? Both will cost you a FORTUNE!
Y- Your Favorite Foods: anything mediterranean except lamb, spaghetti & meatballs, fajitas and enchiladas, chips and salsa, fruit salads minus any artificial junk, cornbread stuffing (Thanksgiving on the brain, sorry), TEXAS Chili WITH beans (thank-you-very-much), oh and frozen yogurt and/or ice cream (major vice!)
Z- Zodiac: Leo

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