September 22, 2008

Week 3: Win 27-16

Wow! First, let me say that I missed the first half of the game. I know, I know. How can I possibly call myself a Cowboy fan if I'm not willing to do what it takes to watch the game from kick-off?

Well, I hope you'll forgive me blogworld. I don't have the details from quarters 1 and 2. I thought it much more important given my current situation that I attend the last available church service last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the service and I'm very glad that I made it home at exactly the same time the 'Boys returned from half time.

Anyway, go Cowboys! I'm blown away! Though the game was definitely not as thrilling as last week, we still held our own and pushed back the darkness that is Green Bay. I'm not dogging GB; it's not personal. However, GB is one of the few teams in the NFC that could keep us from the oh-so-coveted Playoffs this season. So, I'm celebrating because we left them confused and wounded in the muggy, 95% humidity Lambeau field.

What can I say, Marion? You're such a trooper. 62 attempts for 285 yards (!) and 10 receipts for 87 yards is not too shabby. I think the head honchos held you back some last night, though. Unfortunately, GB has been doing their homework and they were ready for you. Hang in there - you'll get your chance to plow through more heavyweights in due time.

I missed most of TO's action since I caught the game late. From what I hear, he got knocked down many times in the first half and therefore, didn't get much play time in the second half. That's okay in my book. He is an awesome wide receiver but I am put off most times by his conceit.

Mr. Witten and Mr. Austin, I could kiss you both! Job well done. I'm not that familiar with either player; I kind of kept up with Jason last season but Miles is a newbie in my eyes. I was uber impressed by each player's performance. I look forward to Week 4 and what the coaches have in mind for both of these guys.

All in all, Romo performed at par. I could be just too hard on him; GB really pumped up the defense last night. And, I'll confess.... I had a few moments of frustration as I screamed "just toss it! just toss it!". There were quite a few times when he had no place to throw the ball. I could get really annoyed if I see this strategy as waiting to be sacked, but the truth is, he can really pull out the guns when he needs to. Like the great pass to Miles Austin! Holy smokes!

Good job 'Boys! Here's to Week 4 - cheers!

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