July 9, 2008

Back to normal life *sigh*

Hey Blog World,

I'm home and back in the swing of things, so to speak. Today is Day 7 of trying to get back to my usual efficiency and work level at the office. It's been hard to transition back into work. I think I was so worn out by the time I left, my mind went numb to all things related to e-Rewards while I was gone. Seriously, I had only one moment before the trip home that I thought "hmmm... I wonder how things are going at the office." As quickly as it came up, it was gone again - out of mind until Sunday night.

The Arkansas trip was AWESOME! I love quaint, quiet, slow-paced vacation spots. At no time did I feel rushed or in a hurry to get something done. We relaxed by the pool and lake, took naps, did some very casual window shopping. Casey and Zach's rehearsal dinner and wedding were beautiful! They are surrounded by people that love them dearly; it was very apparent in every aspect of the events. The newlyweds left in a hurry after the reception and not for the reason you would expect! Haha! A storm came in all of a sudden and we all scattered (the reception was outdoors).

Have you ever tried driving up a mountain on a two-lane highway in heavy rain around dusk? Not as easy as you would imagine.

The Kansas trip with the Cuz (Amy) was even better. We didn't realize it when planning, but we were in Kansas during one of the most important times of the year. The wheat harvest! My cousin Laura's husband has been a farmer all of his life. He works for Cesna these days, but moonlights (literally) for a man who farms 3,000 acres of wheat every year. Apparently, this year's crop is the best he's seen in his 42 years on this earth. Amy and I spent time on the combine with the guys while they cut wheat. Laura explained the harvest and the process. We learned so much about what it means to be a farming family. Though you probably wouldn't guess it if you live in a big city, the farm life is quite appealing.

We also drove out to Great Bend, KS to visit another cousin (David & his wife, Shellie). They have 13-year-old twin girls that are gorgeous, as well as the most charming and witty boy that is 10 years old. We stayed overnight, had mojitos, played golf on the Wii, and goofed around. When we woke up on the 4th of July, we sat on the porch in the backyard. It was definitely one of my favorite moments on the trip - it was a breezy 75'ish in the shade - very pleasant.

It all was so much fun and came at the perfect timing for both Amy and me. Too bad I didn't take any pictures.....I know! Don't shoot me for that - I was taking in the moments and relaxing :)

Peace & chicken grease,

*ps - please pray for me - I have had countless dizzy spells since Saturday night and went to the doctor today. A physical exam did not yield any possibilities to the cause (blood sugar and pressure are normal). Let's hope the blood tests come back okay, as well, and that the dizziness will just go away!

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