April 19, 2008

My sister Jess tagged me on this one... boooooooo!

But, because I'm bored and I actually ready everyone else's responses, I'm obliging with lots of meaningless info about moi :)

1. Fact: I am 23 years old! Blah!
2. Goal: To be debt free before the end of the year
3. Weird: I have issues with textures and smells - don't ask!
4. Fact: I live by myself on the edge of Dallas/Addison/Carrollton
5. Weird: my fingers and elbows are double-jointed
6. Fact: I graduated from high school 6 years ago this May (wow!)
7. Fact: my eyes change color with the weather
8. Random: I LOVE hummus
9. Goal: to have a healthier diet and eat out a lot less
10. Habit: stealing a person's napkin while eating together without realizing it.... right, Jess?

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